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​Agility is a sport that tests a person's skills in training and handling of dogs over an obstacle course. Handlers direct their dogs to jump hurdles, scale ramps, burst through tunnels, traverse a see-saw and weave through a line of poles. ​


Classes teaching obstacle familiarization and handling techniques. We teach you the basics of how to instruct your dog to handle the obstacles with confidence, speed and safety. Your dog must have some basic obedience training and must pass a simple pre-screening.

Classes are up for this session!  They will begin on Tuesday January 7.

Beginning Agility on Tuesdays 7:30-8:30 PM

January 07, 2020

  This course will further develop the skills introduced in the previous course and start training jumps, weaves, and contact obstacles. As students' progress, obstacles will be combined into sequences or short courses. Training will continue to build the dog's motivation and speed. Initial training of some obstacles may be done on-leash, but this course is primarily off-leash. Bring the toys and treat and plan to have fun.  

Prerequisite: Completion of the Introduction to Agility class or ability to test to the Intro level.   


Fee is $100 for the 6-week session. 

Minimum class size = 3. Maximum class size = 7.    

Sign up is allowed on week one and two if maximum limit has not been met.  Online registration is REQUIRED TO RESERVE SPOTS IN CLASS.  Once you click the link below, click on Agility and then this class.  Sessions run for 6 concurrent weeks.

Novice Competition Agility on Tuesdays 6:15-7:15 PM

January 07, 2020

 For dogs ready to compete at the novice level of agility.  

Prerequisite: Dog must be able to perform safely on ALL agility equipment at the Intermediate level.  Dogs must be able to complete 6 closed weaves.  


Fee is $100 for the 6-week session.

Minimum class size = 3. Maximum class size = 8.    

In person sign up is allowed on week one and two if maximum limit has not been met.  

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