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About Us

Dogs truly are our best friends! That is, if we do our part and teach them the human rules by which they must live. Whether your dog needs behavior, obedience, or activity training, Tyler Obedience Training Club has the knowledge to put you & your dog on the road to success. Many of our members not only train and instruct obedience, rally and agility but train and compete in other canine activities including herding, lure coursing, tracking and hunt tests.

We believe that the most important part of training is communication. We teach you how to get your dog's attention so that you both work together. Using only positive rewards and corrections, you quickly and effectively encourage the behaviors you want them to keep and discourage the behaviors you want them to get rid of. So whether you simply want a well-behaved pet or a competition champion, TOTC instructors can help you achieve your goals.

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